Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions of FaceStore - Ecommerce Solutions Ltd, with headquarters at Rua D. Jerónimo de Azevedo, No. 470, 4, 41, identified by the NIF 513 578 641, for use of this service. By using this service you agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree you can not use this service.

Description of Service

The FaceStore LDA, provides the FaceStore platform in order to integrate FaceStore application on a Facebook page. The user of this service must subscribe to one of the suggested plans. Use of this service is free up to a maximum of ten product insert. From that number of products, the user of this service must subscribe to one of the paid plans. After the subscription will be charged to the user of this service a monthly or annual fee, depending on the chosen plan. The FaceStore reserves the right to cancel the account if the ultilizador FaceStore Service to default.

Login and Registration

The user of this service ensures that you are at least age (greater than or equal to 18 years) and agree that all information provided to FaceStore is true and complete, and that, where necessary, change this information so that it is updated, complete and is true. The FaceStore reserves the right to cancel the service at any time and without notice, if you notice irregularities in the information provided by the user of this service. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and FaceStore responsible for all activity occurring in that account.

Use of FaceStore Application

The FaceStore not guarantee that the service is free of errors and non-conformities. The FaceStore application was developed to be integrated into the Facebook page, and therefore subject to the Policies and Conditions of Facebook. The FaceStore is not responsible for any changes of these Policies and Conditions and to influence the proper functioning of FaceStore application.


All content (products, text, image, etc.) included in the online store are the responsibility of the user of this service. Being able to FaceStore cancel or remove at any time and without notice, the service is considered that the contents are of unlawful, harassing, defamatory, obscene, or promote aggression on any individual or group, or animals, or violating privacy, copyrights, patent rights or trade secret.

Borderline intellectual property

The term FaceStore can not be used in any situation that may be confused with other facebook page that is not owned by FaceStore. It is forbidden to use the term FaceStore the name of a shop that is created in FaceStore platform.

Sales and Orders

The entire process of sales and orders is the responsibility of the user of this service, with no interference from FaceStore.
The FaceStore does not check the products that are on sale at the online store for the user of this service. The placement of the products is carried out automatically without any validation by the FaceStore.

The user of this service expressly agrees that in no event shall FaceStore will be called to intervene, directly or indirectly, on any issues arising from the contractual relationship between Compliant and their own customers, such as the provision of any service or supply of products, in its nature, timing, quality and price.

Made available Payment Methods

Is included in all plans FaceStore the means of payment by ATM for payment of orders from your online store on Facebook. By accepting the FaceStore application is also to accept that the means of payment used in your online store or through an entity of the ATM FaceStore. If you want to use your own entity ATM or other payment methods such as Visa, Paypal or other must purchase separately the Payments Module.

Price Payments Service:

ATM: € 0.90 for each payment made (VAT not included)
Payment mode: Discounted in the amounts of payments of credits

Monthly FaceStore issue a statement with the description of all payments from the previous month as well as an invoice / receipt reported to cost of service.


All plans made available for the use of FaceStore application include a helpdesk for placing doubts. Paid plans include a telephone support. The FaceStore reserves the right not to provide telephone assistance to users who have subscribed to the paid plans.

Change of Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service may be updated by FaceStore without notice. Check them regularly to stay informed. If you disagree with any changes to the Terms and Conditions, you may stop using the service.

More information

If you need further clarification on the Terms and Conditions relating to this contact us at the following email service: